iFrodoll Personalized Doll & Baby Blanket (30"/40"/47") Gift Set

LOVELY DOLL, ENDLESS FUN Dressed in lovely outfit, paired with sleeping eyes, this flush doll is cute and peaceful. Your little one can’t help embracing...
from $29.99

iFrodoll Dolls
Take Ifrodoll ,Take Afrostyle

Our products are comfortable: our team are very sensitive to designs that appeal to children. The size, material, and color of the dolls have been scientifically studied, and combined with the children's habit of hugging.
Our quality is high: safety and quality are the top priorities of iFrodoll, therefore, we only use the highest quality materials and meticulous processing to make dolls, and carry out continuous quality inspections.
Our products are full of love: iFrodoll is a world of dolls without borders and races, in which there is only infinite love, and every doll is Iridescent.
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